Academic Eligibility for Student Activities

Our goal is learning and must be a prerequisite to participation in after-school activities (e.g., athletics, speech, band performance, etc.). IHSAA eligibility for participation requires that students pass 70% of all full credit subjects per grading period.

Physical Forms

This form is a requirement for all incoming freshman and should be turned into the main office. This should accompany their current immunizations - please make sure your student meets the Indiana 2021-2022 Required School Immunizations:

Athletic Director: Mr. Joe Herrmann
Assistant Athletic Director for Female Sports: Mrs. Toni Wallace
Athletic Secretary: Mrs. Molly Weber

Athletic Calendar


Swimming & Diving
Track & Field
Trap Shooting

State Championships

  • Wrestling – 1986, 1995-2003, 2006, 2007, 2021
  • Football – 2000
  • Baseball – 1999
  • Boys basketball – 2004
  • Girls basketball – 2012, 2013
  • Softball – 2016
  • Girls soccer – 2017, 2018, 2019
  • Trapshooting – 2018, 2019

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct


The Evansville High School Athletic Council, composed of representatives from member schools, believes that athletes representing their schools have certain obligations pertaining to their conduct both in and out of their particular season (365 days). Every student-athlete is expected to behave in a manner that brings credit to his/her school and team. When an athlete's conduct in or out of school (1) reflects discredit upon the school or (2) creates a disruptive influence on the discipline, good order, moral or educational environment in the school, the student may be declared ineligible for further athletic participation.

School Attendance Requirement: Athletes are expected to attend all classes. Athletes absent from classes will not be allowed to participate in a practice or contest on the day of the absence. Exceptions to this rule must be approved by the administration. Athletes who are suspended from school may not practice or participate during the time of suspension.

Conduct Rules: All students who choose to participate as athletes for Evansville High School Athletic Council member schools shall abide by the rules listed below. Individual coaches may set standards above these minimums by notifying in writing each athlete, family, and the principal of their school. The school administration shall investigate all charges to determine disciplinary action to be taken if necessary.
  1. At no time is an athlete allowed to be under the influence of or be in possession of an alcoholic beverage, tobacco products, vaping products, or illegal drugs not prescribed by a physician licensed by the State of Indiana, for his or her use. The Code of Conduct is in effect for 365 days and begins with the first day of the first fall sports season of the freshman year.
  2. "Possession" is defined as having an alcoholic beverage, tobacco products, vaping products, or illegal drugs on your person or having an alcoholic beverage, tobacco products, vaping products, or illegal drug in a vehicle which the student is driving, or being convicted in a court of law on the charge of illegal possession of alcohol, tobacco, vaping products, or drugs. Student athletes are responsible for the contents of their locker, backpack, or vehicle in which they are driving.
The following penalties will be enforced for violation of these rules:

First offense - The student-athlete shall be suspended for a minimum of 20% of the scheduled contests for that sport for that school year. (Penalties must be served consecutively) (Scrimmages/jamborees are not considered a contest. Canceled contests will not count towards the suspension.) Before reinstatement to the athletic program, the student must enroll in a school approved substance abuse program. (At the student's expense.)

If the suspension falls near enough to the end of a season that the full penalty of 20% of the contests cannot be assessed, the penalty shall carry over to the next sport season in which the athlete participates. If the student is not involved in a sport at the time of the violation, the student shall be removed from 20% of the contests of the first sport season in which the student would normally participate. Attempts to circumvent this rule will not be tolerated.

All numbers of 0.5 or above will be rounded up to include the next game. Example: (20% of 28 baseball games would be 5.6 games. The player would miss 6 games.)

Second offense - The student-athlete will be suspended from team or teams for 365 consecutive days from the date of the suspension.

Third offense - The student-athlete will be denied athletic participation for the remainder of his/her high school career.


It is the intent of the Evansville High School Athletic Council to assist students and families with developing responsibility for the student's actions and to encourage honesty. Therefore, any athlete who voluntarily reports on him or herself as to a violation of the Code of Conduct, will be permitted leniency on the first offense only. It is the family and student-athletes responsibility to self-report to their coach and athletic director any violation to the Code of Conduct within 24 hours of the incident or by the end of the next student school day. During the summer, the student-athlete must self-report within 24 hours of the incident via an email or phone call to the athletic director.

Student-athletes "self-reporting" guidelines are as follows:
  • Self-reporting only applies on the first offense.
  • If the student self-reports, the athletic days of suspension will be reduced to 10%.
  • In cases of substance abuse, the self-reporting athlete must participate in a substance abuse awareness program with a qualified professional to receive the benefit of this clause. The student-athlete will be educated on the offense.
Revision 3.11.19

This code includes standards for student athletes, managers, cheerleaders, dance teams, and penalties for breaches of these standards. Each athlete is to be given a copy of the policy statement. A parent or guardian and the athlete must sign the form indicating that they know the rules and pledge to abide by them. Athletes may not practice or participate in any sport until this form is on file in the athletic office.