Ave Maria Society


The Planned Giving and Endowment Society of Mater Dei High School

Resources are available to help all friends and alumni select an option that best fits your needs, and we would appreciate the opportunity to discuss planned giving and endowment opportunities.

For more information, Email Mallory Hertel or call 812-426-2258

or visit The Catholic Foundation of Southwestern Indiana's website

Mater Dei High School has established the Ave Maria Society to recognize and thank those families who support Mater Dei High School by means of a planned gift or endowment establishment. Your planned gifts will help Mater Dei provide for the future.

Ave Maria Society Newsletter 2022

Other Ways to Give


The impact of your gifts continues to enhance the student experience at Mater Dei. Please support these valuable projects and programs in 2021-2022.

Academics & Activities $35,000
Teacher and Staff Professional Development
Youth First Social Worker

Building & Grounds $175,000
Low-maintenance landscape
Chiller Upgrade
New Roof

Spiritual $15,000
Guest speakers
Student retreat programs

Tuition Assistance $100,000
Need-based assistance to help students afford a Catholic Education at Mater Dei

Total Goal: $325,000

Mater Dei Annual Fund Giving Levels
Immaculate Assembly $10,000+
Msgr. Lautner League $5,000-$9,999
Fr. Dewig Fellowship $2,500-$4,999
Queen's Court $1,000-$2,499
Royal Gold Society $500-$999
Loyal Red Circle $250-$499
Century Club $100-$249
Anniversary Partners $69-$99
Patrons $11-$68
Wildcat Class $1-$10

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(gifts through a will or living trust)

A gift given to Mater Dei that is identified in a will or a living trust is considered a bequest. This gift helps provide funding for the future of the school and is the simplest type of planned gift to establish. Your gift can either be a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or a gift after other bequests have been distributed.

With the uncertain economic times, establishing a bequest can help you be more certain about your current available cash and be certain that you are helping provide for Mater Dei's future.

We recommend that you contact an attorney to help establish a will or trust. If you name Mater Dei High School as a beneficiary, we need you to submit this information in writing to the Office of Institutional Advancement.

Many individuals and families have accumulated sizable assets in their IRAs. You can easily indicate Mater Dei High School as the death beneficiary for your IRA, and this simple transaction does not require involvement of an attorney. When an IRA is passed on to children or other family members, ordinary income taxes and estate taxes often devour the majority of an IRA's benefits. By naming Mater Dei as the death beneficiary, these taxes are avoided.

An endowment is a donation to Mater Dei High School that is invested to provide ongoing income for the school. The gifts contributed to an endowment are considered the "corpus" or "principal" and remain untouched. Mater Dei receives an annual distribution from the interest income to support the school. Endowments can be named to honor or memorialize a family or loved one and can be designated for a specific purpose, i.e., tuition assistance, technology, athletics, science, etc.

The investments are professionally managed and adhere to a policy that is consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church. An endowment is a gift that continues to benefit the school for perpetuity. A minimum $5,000 gift must be given to establish an endowment. Many colleges and other organizations are able to provide significant annual income through their endowments.

A Charitable Gift Annuity is a great way to provide fixed income for up to two people and allows individuals to leave a substantial legacy to Mater Dei.

Here is how a Charitable Gift Annuity works:

You make an irrevocable gift to Mater Dei of $10,000 or more and receive a charitable deduction for a portion of your gift.
You receive income for the rest of your life based on a predetermined percentage of your gift. A portion of your gift is tax-free.

Your fixed payment is based on your age and is determined when you make your charitable gift. One or two individuals (beneficiaries) can be named as recipients for the fixed income. If there is a particular aspect of the school you want to support with your gift, you can make this distinction.

Life insurance allows you to make small contributions that accumulate to significant value. Naming Mater Dei High School as the beneficiary and/or owner a life insurance policy allows you to make a marvelous gift without disturbing other assets and losing income.

(gifts of stocks, mutual funds, bonds, etc.)

Gifts of appreciated stock provide for donors and Mater Dei. In most instances, a gift of appreciated stock entitles the donor to an income tax charitable deduction for the fair market value of the stocks on the effective date of the gift. The donor avoids the capital gains tax that would be due if he or she sold the stock. When making a gift of securities, the donor should transfer ownership of the stock to the School instead of selling the appreciated stock.

Instruct your broker to transfer shares of stock to Mater Dei using the following information:

Broker: Baird Private Wealth Management

Address: 110 Main St., Evansville, IN 47708

Account Name: Mater Dei H.S.

Account Number: 7871-8809

DTC 0547

Contact: The Hollander Group at 812-426-1481

Please notify Mrs. Mallory Hertel, at (812) 421-5727 or mhertel@evdio.org of your pending stock transfer.