Academically, Mater Dei offers a challenging curriculum that requires more motivation and critical thinking on the part of the students. Furthermore, Mater Dei provides classroom environments where students feel comfortable approaching their teachers with questions to better themselves as students. This facet of the curriculum, in turn, helps instill the qualities of accountability and leadership in the students.

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AP and Dual Credit FAQ

What is dual credit?
Dual credit is the term given to courses in which high school students have the opportunity to earn both high school and college credits.

Dual credit courses are taught by regular high school faculty at the high school or sometimes through online courses.

Dual credit at Mater Dei High School is offered by both USI and Ivy Tech
What is AP?
(AP) or Advanced Placement refers to courses offered in the high school and taught by high school faculty but administered by the College Board.

This means that the curriculum in AP classes meets the high standards of College Board and has been certified nationally.

AP classes are considered as challenging and rigorous and can transfer to most colleges with an exam score of 3 or higher.
Is AP or Dual Credit Better?
It would be simple if there was an easy answer to this question, but there simply is not. Each option has certain advantages and limitations. (It is difficult to say either has "disadvantages" if completed successfully).

Ultimately, it is important to understand that there is no hard and fast rule about what a college or university does with an applicant who has AP and/or dual credit courses on his or her high school transcript.

Each college or university has unique policies regarding AP or dual credit.

In the end, it is perhaps most helpful to encourage a college applicant to contact the school of interest to see exactly what it will or will not accept rather than being surprised at the last moment.

College admissions processes are quite often very complicated and involve more than successful completion of just AP or dual credit courses.

An aspiring college student should consider all of the facets of their application in order to create the greatest chance of success. Once in the door, the rest is up to them.


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