Core Purpose

To preserve the tradition and advance the mission of Mater Dei for future generations.

Membership of the Mater Dei Friends and Alumni Association (MDFAA) is open to alumni of Mater Dei, parents, grandparents, and any other friends, supporters, or any other persons interested in the welfare of Mater Dei. To be considered an active member of the association and therefore be eligible for voting rights, minimum annual dues of $5 are required. Payment of dues may be made directly to the MDFAA or through a larger contribution to the Mater Dei Annual Fund.

For information, please email Mallory Hertel.

Mater Dei Friends and Alumni

Board of Directors

Brett Bueltel '08


Kathryn (Wildeman) Hess '12


Gina Goedde '93


Andy Niemeier '06

Austin Knapp '12

Billy Wayne '04

Jamie (Reese) Schiff '98

Janice (Goebel) Schuble '64

Kevin Moore '91

Lauren (Niemeier) Grossman '07

Natalie (Emge) Sandefur '98

Wayne Emge '70

Annalee (Hildenbrand) Tepool '84

Robin (Fehrenbacher) Rosbrugh '06

Weston Tenbarge '10