The Four Cornerstones

1 Spiritual Growth

Mater Dei students are provided a faith-based education rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition. We strive to educate the whole child by blending learning with faith and by making faith an integral part of the school day. This is accomplished through prayer as a fundamental component of each class along with a focus on service to others.

Students grow in their awareness of the importance of practicing their faith by participating in Eucharistic celebrations at school as well as in their local parishes, and by participating in and providing leadership for retreat and formation days.

The theology department offers coursework that conforms to the framework as outlined by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. All parish pastors serve as chaplains of Mater Dei and are responsible for sacramental duties at liturgies and prayer services.

They are also available for confidential pastoral counseling to offer support, encouragement, and direction to Mater Dei students. Mater Dei High School seeks to be a place for all students, regardless of religious affiliation, to actively grow in faith.

2 Academic Excellence

Mater Dei offers a strong educational program that is accredited by the Indiana Department of Education and COGNIA. The curriculum is designed to recognize the needs and differences of individual students, to develop students' potential in accordance with ability, and to equip graduates to live and find success in today's complex world.

To assist students in recognizing and developing their full potential, students are taught appropriate methodologies, strategies, and current technologies in all areas of the curriculum to solve problems accurately, effectively, and creatively.

Students attending Mater Dei have the opportunity to enroll in a number of Advanced Placement as well as dual credit courses. For students requiring academic support, a resource program that offers basic skill development, testing accommodations, and individual tutoring is available.

Small class size allows for individual attention to students and the building of close relationships between the experienced faculty and the students. Students graduate well prepared for their future academic and professional pursuits.

3 Social Development

While growing spiritually and academically, students also need the opportunity to develop socially and physically. Students are strongly encouraged to become well-rounded individuals by interacting with others in a variety of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities which serve as an extension of a solid educational program.

Mater Dei offers a unique student government model with Mater Dei-ville which is recognized by Evansville's city government as an entity unto itself.

Opportunities to develop students' gifts and talents in the area of fine arts are available through theatrical productions, participation in choral, instrumental, and dance programs, as well as by participation in a variety of visual art, speech, and writing competitions. A complete athletic program allows male and female students to consistently place competitively in city, conference, and state contests.

Students in need of counseling are able to seek guidance from a full-time Youth First social worker. A peer mediation program is also available for social conflict resolution. These activities, along with many others, help to enhance social skills, build self-confidence and self-discipline, and teach lessons that last a lifetime and are not learned in a classroom setting.

4 Service to Others

Programs of service to others in Catholic schools are a vibrant reflection of the commitment Catholic education has made to live the Gospel as a way of life.

Active involvement in service during high school develops a sense of responsibility and a lifetime desire to respond to the needs of the world. In order to strengthen the commitment to be of service to others, Mater Dei provides a four-year service program that challenges students to reach beyond themselves and to touch the lives of others.

Because of the importance of service in the teachings of Christ and because of the educational value to students, all students contribute service hours every year as a requirement for graduation. Service may be given to the Church, the community, and the school. Mater Dei also offers a Service Club and other extra-curricular activities that provide volunteer opportunities and serve as a link to community service organizations.