Mater Dei High School makes every effort to keep tuition costs as low as possible while providing a high-quality Catholic education. We understand that some families may find it difficult to fully cover the cost of tuition and fees. In order to assist families in meeting the rising cost of education, Mater Dei has put together a comprehensive tuition assistance program.

The tuition assistance program includes Tax Credit Scholarships (SGOs), School Choice Vouchers, Catholic Education Foundation grants (CEF) and Mission in Ministry grants. If you are in need of tuition assistance, please fill out the application at the link below.

Please note 2019 income information is required along with the completed form. The priority deadline for tuition assistance consideration is April 1, 2020. Late applications and appeals will be accepted until May 1. Applications received after that date will be considered depending on remaining available funds.

Note to current families: You must reapply for tuition assistance each year.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Jill Seiler at or 812-426-2258, ext. 322.

Tuition Assistance FAQ

What documents are required for the application process?
  • Completed Tuition Assistance Application Form
  • Copy of both parents' or custodial guardians' 2019 1040 federal tax return showing "adjusted gross income (AGI) and household size or if either parent or guardian is self-employed, a copy of the 2019 corporate tax return.
How much Tuition Assistance may I expect to receive?
Each grant is considered individually. Only after reviewing each individual application can the amount of aid offered be determined.
Do I need to apply for Tuition Assistance each year?
Each year, you must fill out a new Tuition Assistance Application, as well as provide the supporting documents. Changes in your financial status may affect the amount of aid received.
Does Tuition Assistance influence admission decisions?
Absolutely not. Admission to Mater Dei is an entirely separate and unrelated process.
Who can apply?
Anyone can apply for Tuition Assistance, but only students who have been accepted to Mater Dei and have completed the Tuition Assistance Application and provided the supporting documents can be considered.
How is Tuition Assistance determined?
Mater Dei has a small Tuition Assistance committee that utilizes the information you provide to determine an estimated amount your family can contribute to educational expenses. Demonstrated need is defined as the difference between the tuition cost and the recommended amount that a family is able to contribute toward the student's education after considering such factors as net income, assets, number of dependents, number of students attending tuition-charging institutions, and any other expenses such as medical costs educational debt.
What about a divorce, step-parent situation?
Mater Dei expects both the custodial and non-custodial parents to participate in the support of their child's education. It is up to all parties to communicate and participate in good faith with this responsibility. If the child is living with a parent and step-parent, Mater Dei will consider the step-parent's income, as well as any child support received from the non-custodial parent.
Is there a deadline to be considered for Tuition Assistance?
For priority consideration, all required documents must be submitted by April 1. The Tuition Assistance committee will communicate financial aid decisions in late April or early May. Late applications and appeals will be accepted until June 1. Applications received after that date will be considered depending on remaining available funds.
Are there any restrictions on students who receive Tuition Assistance?
Each student who receives Tuition Assistance is held the the same academic and moral standards as any other student at Mater Dei.
Are there payment options?
An education from Mater Dei is an investment in your student's future. We realize, however, that education costs are a significant financial commitment and may be a challenge for families. We have several payment plans available. Click Here for a detailed description of those plans.